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Welcome To Vista BIM Design Integration, LLC

devoted to achieving highest standards in the field of construction and design. Combination of efficiency and quality is our hallmark


We promote economic and social development of companies while boosting sustainability

With our partners, we build custom designs

Our goal is to develop headship, create new opportunities and raise the bar in the field of construction and design.

The Vista Advantage

Vista BIM Modeling & Design Integration, LLC. (VBIM) helps clients in the construction and design industry take on complex projects with confidence. Whether it’s 3D modeling, 2D Structural/Architectural plans, or as-built drawings, our specialized consultants combine the latest tools and techniques with unparalleled experience to deliver results.

We also provide industry-leading project management services that ensure everything is executed according to the schedule, with no unnecessary delays, costly disruptions, or missed deadlines. Whatever it is we are doing for your team, the Vista Advantage remains the same: efficiency, execution, and the timely, cost-effective completion of your project.

We are an engineering consulting firm with a core mission to support project owners, architects,
engineers, and general contractors in researching and designing engineering structures to deliver
innovative and quality projects.

We work here in northern American and worldwide to deliver cost-effective and quality products to our clients.


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Accurate Models, Right at Your Fingertips

Get the drawings and blueprints needed to plan and execute successful, cost-effective construction projects

Take your project to the next level with BIM

On average, organizations that manage their projects using Building Information Modeling (BIM) improve building performance and predictability of outcomes. BIM usage has been shown to increase collaboration, boost profitability, lower costs, optimize time management, and more.  According to a recent report out of the McWhorter School of Building Science at Auburn University, implementing BIM leads to an average return on investment (ROI) of 9486%. As specialized BIM experts, Vista can help you take advantage of this while staying on top of common issues with data ownership and risk sharing that may arise.




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About Us

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01.Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide accurate, eco-friendly, and sustainable construction management services that satisfy society’s needs by fostering residential and commercial design services' socio-economic development.

02.Our Approach

To ensure project efficiency and success, we blend an unyielding commitment to quality with expert knowledge and take into consideration all budgetary and time requirements.

03.Our Vision

We envision taking project design to the next level by leveraging our industry-leading experience with the latest developments in cutting-edge tools and technologies.

04.Our Experience

With 10+ years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction, we have what it takes to turn the most ambitious ideas into feasible projects